slab-leak-imgMost homes in LA/OC are built on slab concrete. Water pipes and drain lines are running below the concrete slab. Sometimes, leaks can develop in the pipes. This can be caused by hard water and chloramines, and sometimes even by ground movement and erodes the waterlines. When this happens, it is hard to miss. Your walls and ceilings may stain, a bubble may form, floors feel soaked and yards may flood. If not addressed immediately mold may begin to form and this can have a serious and long-lasting impact to one’s health. Even the smallest “pinhole” sized leak can cause these problems.

At this point, advanced leak detection & moisture meters must be used to use to determine the location of the leak so that it can be fixed as quickly as possible. However, finding the problem is only the first step in the process. There are different options to be discussed to find the best solution for the home or building owner. There are several options for repair. There is epoxy restoration, re-routed, restored, or a “direct access” can be performed. Direct access is generally the least desirable option for most, but it can be used to fix the leak. We can assist you in making right and informed decisions necessary to stop the water damage.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration is the Slab Leak Specialists with years of experience to call when you first start to see signs that you may have a foundation or slab leak. We are dedicated to our Clients and want to provide the highest level of service available to you. We are Professionals in the Plumbing Industry and have many years of service and happy Clients to back that up.