leak-detection servicesUnlike a total plumbing disaster, a leak can be much more complex, as the location of the leak is not always evident. It is very important to handle these quickly and properly to minimize secondary damage to your property and even your health.  There are many different signs that you have a water leak.  This could be something as obvious as water on the floor, wet ceilings and walls. Or it could be even sneakier, like your water bill being higher than normal. Other signs may be that your floor is warm or you may hear running water, but not be able to determine exactly where!

This could be something as simple as a running toilet or a leaking faucet.  A 10 point inspection will be performed to determine where the leak is coming from. Once the leak is found we will present you with several options so you can take the best course of action that is best for you and your home.We may have to open access in the walls to the affected area to look closer at the problem. Our technicians are highly trained and specialize in finding the most difficult leaks using state of the art leak detection equipment and thermal imaging cameras so the repair will be the least invasive to your property.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration has the knowledge, experience and tools to find the leak or leaks and create customized solutions to your problem. We will arrive on time and immediately start determining what steps to take.We will give your property the respect it deserves and clean up the mess before we leave.