salt-free-water-softener-system-installation-and-repair-imgA Salt Free Water Softening system does not remove hard water minerals from your water coming into your home. Rather, they chemically transform minerals like magnesium and calcium into a different form that does not allow the minerals to stick to surfaces creating a scale or hard water buildup. There is a lot of evidence that there are health benefits for the human body in these nutrients, not everyone wants them removed from their drinking water. Washing machines and water heaters will also benefit from the lack of hard water deposits.

Want a home on a single system that is maintenance free? We have the answer. Halo Salt Free Water Softener in one of the best water conditioners on the market. Not only does it remove hard water but also provides you with delicious tasting water that is chlorine free. Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration can install your new system for you. We are Professionals in our field in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA areas. Also, if you haven’t decided what type of water softening system you would like to install, we can help you decide what works best for you, your property and your budget. We have many years of experience and many happy Clients we have worked with installing water softening systems.

If you already have a salt free system, but it’s not functioning properly, we are happy to perform the necessary troubleshooting and repairs for you.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Team of Plumbing Professionals who can provide top quality salt-free system servicing, repairs, and maintenance services. We guarantee restored functionality, prolonged durability, and long-term water softener usability. In addition, we respect and maintain the cleanliness of your property before, during, and after service. Contact us today if you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County, CA area!