tree-roots-in-sewer-line-imgOut of the many potential issues with your sewer lines, tree roots are one of the biggest threats. The roots will grow towards a sewer line because they are attracted to the nutrients, oxygen and moisture in the lines themselves. The roots will invade even the tiniest of hairline fractures or a loose joint in a sewer line and continue to grow. You may think that because you don’t have trees yourself that you are immune to this problem. That is not so, as in some cases, tree roots can travel far. As the roots grow, they can destroy your whole sewer line.

Annual or every other year inspections will generally detect when your sewer line has become compromised by tree roots. When your drains start to become slow or you hear a gurgling noise down in the drain, you might have a tree root issue. You will need a Licensed Plumbing Contractor like Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration to get your sewer lines taken care of before they become too damaged.

Once we arrive, we can determine the location and how big of a problem you have. We can cut roots mechanically using special blades, use a chemical to kill the tree root and plant itself, or flush it out with a high-pressure hydro-jet system. For severely damaged sewer lines, we will work with you on a solution to get your sewer lines repaired or replaced as quickly as possible and create a maintenance program.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration’s Plumbers in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA area are fully Certified and highly experienced. We focus on results and the full satisfaction of our clients. Our plumbers will observe all standard operating procedures to guarantee the safety of your property and the efficiency of each project.