The purpose of an outside sewer clean-out is to provide easy & direct access to the main sewer line so that plumbers can use correct size drain machine to clear a blockage. Clean-outs are normally located outside of the building on ground level which allows easy access to the drain lines. They are much more effective and safer to use than removing the toilet or going on the roof. Having a direct access to the sewer lines will make a world of difference between being able to clear the drain or not being able to.

You will need a Certified Plumbing Contractor to install sewer clean-outs. Plumbers need to excavate the installation areas and install the correct sized pipe. In addition, they’ll give you the most efficient piping material options and design that makes sewer clean-outs easy to access and conceal once the job is finished.

In every project, we bring the right tools and personnel with in-depth experience to deliver the necessary level of service required uniform plumbing code. If you are dealing with more and more blockages, it’s a good idea to have a sewer clean-out installed, sometimes one specific to a certain troublesome drain. If you are building a new home or property, it only makes sense to install one initially to protect the value of your new construction from possible sewer damage due to an unforeseen blockage.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration in the Los Angeles, Orange County, CA area is a qualified sewer clean-out installation Company. We work with numerous sewer clean-out manufacturers to deliver the highest caliber service and supplies that guarantee long-lasting durability and lifespan in each project. We respect your property and perform our work efficiently, fast, and clean before, during, and after the job.