sewer-line-repair-conventional-trench-methodThere are trenchless alternatives to sewer line repair, but sometimes replacing damaged pipes is the only answer. If the sewer lines are collapsed or too badly damaged to use the pipe bursting or pipe lining method, an open “trench” method will be required. With modern technology a camera can be used in the drain system to identify the main source of the problem, and sometimes the problem can be isolated to a relatively small area, so a long and large trench wouldn’t have to be dug.

You won’t know the severity of your problem without a plumber. Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration is the Professional Plumbing Contractor you need to handle your sewer line repair or replacement and all your plumbing needs.  We can determine the most effective course of action, factoring cost into the decision-making process. We have a 24/7 Emergency team on call that can handle your sewer problems at any time of the day or night.

Our Company owns the equipment needed for excavation or rehabilitation with parts availability (often in stock) and have many years of experience to call ourselves experts in the trade. We are fully licensed and insured. If you live in the Lost Angeles or Orange Country, CA area, we are the “go-to” plumber! Raw sewage is dangerous to your health and your property, so calling sooner rather than later is best to keep the cost of damages to a minimum.