gas-line-repair-and-installation-imgAre you considering installing a new appliance that requires gas or do you need a repair on an existing gas line? If so, Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration is the licensed contractor you can count on in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA area. We can also perform inspections on potential gas line leaks if you suspect you have a problem. Installation and repair of gas lines is a complicated job that requires the proper training, certification and tools to perform. This is a job for a professional plumber.

Do not attempt a DIY project with gas lines. Gas is extremely dangerous to work with and it is imperative that everything be done correctly. It is complex and the slightest mistake can be fatal. Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration gives the absolute best service possible at an affordable price. Protect your family, your house, your employees and your investments with proper handling of these services.

In our industry, we are seeing a definite rise in gas consumption, due to increase in gas powered appliances. If you need a gas line installation for your existing home or business or you need assistance in making decisions regarding gas lines to be installed for an upcoming new plumbing projects, look no further. We have you covered. We always go over all options with you and keep our promises.