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Why is My Drainage System Slow?

If your drainage system is slow, it is time to call a Los Angeles Plumber like Patriot Plumbing and Rooter! If your drains are just really sluggish, or worse, stopped draining all together, you probably have a blockage in the main drain line.


Somewhere between your home and the city sewer line, something is stuck. It could be something that was accidently flushed down a toilet and got lodged, or, it could be tree roots, growing right through the pipe.


In any situation, calling the professionals at Patriot Plumbing will get the problem solved fast.  We can come to your home or business, assess the situation, and send a camera through the drainage system to actually SEE the problem! The camera is on a long snake (hence the products name, the ‘See Snake’ by Ridgid tool Co.), and has a sensor built into it, so the farther down the drain it goes, the distance is logged on the 12” video monitor.


As you watch the camera go through the pipe, you know exactly how far in it is. This is a really great feature, as it gives the technician an exact location of the blockage, and allows them to give you a very accurate estimate on repair costs. So, once the blockage is located and you can actually see what it is, the experienced plumber knows precisely were to dig, and at what depth the pipe is.


This saves all kinds of time and effort, keeping them from digging in one place, and the blockage being five feet further away.  In many cases, we will not even have to dig. If it is a small root problem, there are blades they can attach to a drain-cleaning machine that will actually cut them as they spin through the pipe. If you are having drain problems, call a Los Angeles plumber in LA, Patriot Plumbing. We can be reached at 800-349-3439.