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Where Can I Find a Tank-less Water Heater?

Tank-less water heaters are the latest in home efficiency technology. Just 10 years ago, these items were priced out of the market, and your average homeowner could not afford one. However, today, prices have come down considerably and are within reach of nearly every household budget. A Los Angeles plumber to contact is Patriot Plumbing. We are an excellent plumbing contractor, with a professionally trained staff.

With today’s technology, tank-less or otherwise known as “on demand” water heaters can keep up with the demand your family will put on it. These new water heaters do not have a standing pilot, or an electric rod that have to maintain 130° water in a 40 or 50 gallon tank, which wastes energy.

These units sense temperature change when you open a valve such as a faucet or shower, and fire up immediately, heating the water as it passes through the unit, thus saving energy. Your average homeowner can see a 70% savings on water heating, as they only heat water, as it is needed.

Also, with these units, there is no storage tank. So you will never face the nightmare of having a ruptured tank in your basement spilling 50 gallons of water all over the place. Another great feature of these units is the fact that they are ‘wall hung’ so they take up considerably less space in your basement.

An average water heater has a life expectancy of eight years, and that’s being generous. A tank-less water heater has a life expectancy of 20 years making tank was water heater ownership a no-brainer, as you will have peace of mind knowing that it will last. It is much more economical and feasible to install one of these units today than ever before. So if you want to start saving money, contact us today to install your next water heater, and make it a tank-less!