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What Should I do if My Water Heater is Leaking?

Most homeowners today do not replace their water heater until they have walked down into the basement to find water all over the place! If you maintain it properly, a water heater should last 8 to 12 years. Obviously, only the body of the water heater requires immediate replacement.

There are only a couple of repairs that could be done to a water heater. One is replacing the temperature and pressure relief valve. If this valve is leaking, it is either because too much pressure has built up in the water heater or the temperature has reached a maximum. This is a safety device that should not be plugged or tampered with.

If it is malfunctioning, the company to call is Patriot Rooter Plumbing for emergency plumbing in Orange County, CA. They have the technicians in the expertise to give you a fair price and a quality job the first time.

If you have no leaking, but also do not have any hot water, then you have a control issue. If it is a gas water heater then the problem may be in the gas valve or the thermocouple, both of which are replaceable. If it’s an electric water heater, it may be the heating elements. These are replaceable also, however, a qualified professional should do all of these repairs.

The main obstacle to disassembly is corrosion a water heater corrodes more quickly than other plumbing fixtures because of the constant high temperature at which it operates and the fact that sometimes the water heater acts as an electrical ground accelerates this corrosive process. Corrosion may make replacing parts chancy, replaced parts may leak, necessitating replacement of the entire heater. It is not uncommon to have other things start leaking due to pressure put on certain lines when being taken apart. This is precisely why we call the trade professionals!

When a water heater is more than eight years old, repairs are probably not cost-effective, since life expectancy is only 8 to 12 years as previously stated. As they age, they become less efficient also. This is true for all water heaters, but more so for electric water heaters.
Water heaters have better insulation and are more efficient ‘out-of-the-box’, so you may notice dramatic savings in fuel and/or electric costs by replacing it. While the initial cost may seem a bit higher, you will notice savings in your energy costs. Call Patriot Rooter Plumbing in Los Angeles for a quick, safe and reliable replacement at 1-800-349-6349.