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Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Experts

Slab leaks are among the most dreaded of all home plumbing problems. Fortunately, with over 20 years of experience in repairing or rerouting leaking pipes found in residential slab foundations, the team of plumbing experts at Patriot Plumbing and Rooter has the skills and the tools to effectively solve problems of this magnitude.

Why are slab leaks such a hassle? Because not only is there a leak, but it is embedded in concrete, somewhere under the floor of your home. Most people become aware of slab leaks when their water bill jumps and there is no known cause, or signs of damage. Sometimes the slab leak makes itself known through cracks in a raw concrete floor in a garage. In more severe cases, the water expelled from a slab leak may work it’s way through the concrete and begin destroying the floors, rugs, cabinetry, and anything else it comes in contact with. Worse yet is the chance that dangerous mold may form in hidden nooks and crannies of a closet or cabinet, or under your carpeting.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, Patriot Plumbing and Rooter can use electronic leak detection tools to find it and then proceed with repairs. If you know you have a slab leak we can offer you options on repairing or rerouting the leaking pipe.

Do you have or suspect a slab leak that needs to be addressed immediately? Need the services of a professional Los Angeles and Orange County, CA contractor you can count on? Contact Patriot Plumbing and Rooter today!