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Leak Repair

flooding  interior

Do you have a water leak, pipe leak, or pinhole leak? Give us a call, and relax. Although this is a serious situation we can solve your problem, just as we have for thousands of other local homeowners in LA and Orange County. Patriot Plumbing and Rooter has the experienced technicians and the right tools to fix pinhole leaks, pipe leaks, and miscellaneous water leaks fast! Don’t let a small problem turn into a huge mess by putting off the repair on a leak. And once you are aware of a leak, don’t wait for your water bill to jump before taking action! We offer up-front pricing and clear explanations of your options in simple terms, so you know what your choices are, what the expected result of the proposed repairs will be, and exactly how much it will cost before any work begins.

Water damage from even a pinhole-sized leak can create untold dollars in damage if left to destroy your property. We have the solution for leaks in copper, steel, and plastic pipes. Contact us today to get your leaks fixed fast, and your water back where it belongs- in your pipes!