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Hydrojetting. It is a high pressure water that cuts and strips deposit from internal pipe walls and flushes the waste into the large street drains restoring the full bore of previously clogged pipes.

For large diameter pipes or very stubborn blockages in building sewer that caused by, roots, grease, sludge, etc… we use truck mounted hydro-jetters that operate at 4000 PSI and 18 Gal/Min to clear virtually most blockages with a multitude of variable heads/cutters on the end of jet hoses. The pipes are scoured and cleaned without damage to its infrastructure, with regular cleaning our preventative maintenance is an effective, economical way to prevent expensive remediation by way of dig ups and excavation.
We aim to offer our clients the best personalize service at very low prices that the larger companies can not compete with, our preventive maintenance will see to it that you never suffer any downtime, inconvenience or loss of income as a result of blocked pipes.

Los Angeles HydroJetting Drain Cleaning Truck Patriot Rooter

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