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Do your plumbing fixtures drain slowly?

If your bathtub drain slowly, or just running water in your sink can cause it to overflow, then it sounds like you definitely have a drainage problem. Sluggish draining fixtures can because by multitude of reasons. As any Los Angeles plumber can tell you, it is best to start at the simplest symptom and work your way up.

If a sink is draining slowly, check the pop-up to see if there is hair or soap buildup around the stopper. If this theory was clear, then your problem resides further down either in the trap itself, or in the drain line. Unless you have advanced mechanical skills we suggest you leave this to a Los Angeles plumber.

If a toilet is backed up and not flushing properly, the best thing you can do is try a plunger. Beyond this, a professional plumber is required, as it will probably need to be snaked, and in some instances the toilet may have to be taken up.

If a bathtub is slowly draining, you may be able to unscrew the pop-up actuator, pulling it out and inspect to see if there is soap scum buildup or hair around the mechanism. The only option you have if there is neither of these on it, is to reassemble it, put duct tape over the overflow section under this plate, and plunge the tub drain. If you have no results with this, your option is calling a Los Angeles plumber.

If you are experiencing multiple fixtures draining slowly, then the blockage is further down into the drain system and you need professional assistance. Not only could this be a drainage issue, but it may very well be a venting issue. Every fixture is vented to atmosphere, which allows them to drain properly. This is the pipe that extends 18 to 24 inches out of the roof of your home. In the same way a straw will hold soda if you put your finger over the top of it, your drainage system will not allow water to drain if there is no atmospheric pressure on top of it. So if you are having drainage issues contact Patriot Rooter, 24 hours a day seven days a week we are available to answer your call and will send a professional technician right over to your home or business. We can be reached at 800-349-6349.

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